Sunday, February 5, 2012

Entering a Firing Session and Firing Sets into Gun Log +P

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Tracking range results is a core feature of Gun Log +P (GL+P). It is the primary function and the reason I developed the original Gun Log application.

A "Firing Session" is like a day at the range.
A "Firing Set" is typically what you fired at a target or in a firing scenario.

I usually have one "Firing Session" in a day. I go to one range typically. But while at the range I will shoot a couple of different firearms and shot at targets at different distances and shoot in different manners such as slow fire or rapid fire.

This tutorial is very long and I will omit details on how pickers work and button locations. Since you have already entered a weapon and ammunition details you are familiar with the look and feel of GL+P.

Start by tapping the "Sessions" button in the tab bar.
Tap the "+" button for a new firing session.

Enter a location or event name.

Tap "Go to Firing Sets". This is were you make entries for each time you fire a weapon. It might be a three round group set, it might be an entire magazine fired set, or any other set you do.
Just tap the "+" button to add a new entry.

The firing set stores a lot of information. The most common entries are at the top.

Tap the "Weapon" button and the "Weapon picker" is shown.

 Tap an entry and select it. Double tap or tap the "Done" button.

Note that summary information has been entered in the field next to the button. Note that if you tap the field directly it will now take you to that weapon's details.
Tap the "Config" button.

Choose the configuration you are using. This is important for reporting and bullet drop estimation.

When you tap the "Ammo" button you get an ammo picker.

 No enter values for rounds fired, group size, and other information.
Firing method and firing stance has pickers so you can pick commonly used values. You can always type in your own custom data.

Here is the firing method picker.

Now tap the "Firing Stance" button.

Pick your stance.

You can associate a photograph with a firing set. Typically I photograph targets. The proof is in the picture. Tap the camera button.

Take a new picture or choose on from the camera roll or album.

Here I choose from the album.

 GL+P makes a copy of the image. It is a low resolution image so that it doesn't use a lot of memory. The trash button removes the low resolution image not the original.

If you have any type of issues during a firing set you can record it. Just tap the "Failures" button.

 Tap the "+" button to make a new entry.

 The new entry appears in the list, just tap it to go to its details.

 You can use the "Failure" picker or enter data by hand.

 Now to be fair, my FN SCAR 16 hasn't had any failures so I will remove the entry. Tap the "Edit" button.

 Tap the "-" button.

 Tap the "Delete" button.

The entry is gone. Most of the lists are edited in that manner.

Back in the details tap the "Drop Table" button.

 The "Drop Table" is an external ballistics calculator that uses the G1 ballistic coefficient to calculate the flight path of a bullet.

 Just tap the"Calculate" button.

 You might want to export this data so you can copy out specific distances and print that out and keep it with your firearm. Just tap the "Report" button at the top right and it takes you to the following "Text Report".

 You can email the data by tapping the "Compose" button.

 Or if you tap the "Action" button it will bring up print options.

Back in the firing set enter the distance to the target and that covers the most common information stored in a firing set.

Navigating back from the firing set details to the firing sets list you see your new entry.

 Navigate back to the Firing Session and you see the entry for the session.

This concludes a brief introduction to firing sessions and firing sets.


  1. I notice when you bring up the text report for firing sessions, it has fields for latitude and longitude. How do you enter those in? I can't find an entry location for it. Thanks!

    1. The report code is a little bit ahead of the UI code. Sorry about that. I will get the UI for longitude/latitude done in a future release.

  2. Not a problem! I was just curious. That's a good idea if you go shooting out in the boonies.

  3. Any thoughts of adding the ability to track reloading components??? The app looks good, but that's one thing I'm looking for...I'll probably go ahead and buy, but it would be a slam dunk with component tracking.

    1. I think you are referring to an inventory of reloading components such as primers, brass, bullets, etc. The Gun Log apps are focused on firing sessions and range results. In the near future there are no plans making an inventory aspect for the app as there is a long list of feature requests around the core use of Gun Log. In the future I might make a specific reloading app and make that new app work with Gun Log so that the data could be shared between the apps. I follow the apps that are available, watching my competition, and looking at which apps seem well received. Hand-Load and AmmoTracker have 4.5 star ratings.