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An Introduction to Gun Log +P

Gun Log +P and iCloud Sync Issues.

UPDATE: (November 12, 2012)
I have been working with Apple Development Support. For the past couple of weeks we have been sharing code and going through the use cases for Gun Log +P. I have taken all of the advice and created Gun Log +P 5.8 and submitted it to the App Store. I have also tested these new concept on iOS 6.1 BETA as well. I hope this finally puts the iCloud sync problems to rest. The problem is that a database that has been synced with iCloud can not be used if iCloud is turned off (if you have turned off "Documents and Data"). Now Gun Log +P will have the ability to be used off line. Any changes off line are not synced. Gun Log +P is meant to be used with iCloud turned on. In GL+P 5.8 there will not be any recommendations on how to backup the iCloud database. You will rely on Apple to keep the data in the cloud and bring down that data if you delete and reinstall GL+P.


(If you have having issues contact me through the support email. iTunes App Store does not give me any customer information and I can not use the ranking area as a blog.)

Gun Log +P extends the reporting and synching abilities of Gun Log and the synching abilities of Gun Log SPC.

Gun Log +P does export data through printing, emails, and simple copy/paste to other applications.

Gun Log +P does use iCloud functionality to backup data and sync data between multiple iOS devices. You can transfer existing Gun Log data to Gun Log +P but it will not sync with iCloud. If you want to use iCloud the data must be entered into Gun Log +P with an iCloud account configured and "Documents and Data" turned on in the iOS settings for iCloud in the Settings App. You do not have to use iCloud to use Gun Log +P.

Gun Log +P will be enhanced with new releases that take advantage of location services, web provided information and services, sharing and collaboration, and any technology that would be useful or helpful.

Gun Log +P has all of the functionality of Gun Log plus the ability to export detailed text reports from most every view. Gun Log SPC is Gun Log +P without iCloud synch.

Do not take a Gun Log +P backup and try to save/restore it to Gun Log or Gun Log SPC, the iCloud data from Gun Log +P will cause a "save error" message to be displayed.

For more details see: Gun Log versus Gun Log SPC versus Gun Log +P

What this Tutorial Covers

This tutorial will cover the basics needed for you to get out to the range and use Gun Log +P in conjunction with your shooting routine.

You should not try to learn how to use Gun Log +P at the range. At the range your focus should be upon safety. You should create a few entries in Gun Log +P at home where your mind can be on learning the Gun Log +P app and not worrying about muzzle safety. I recommend you follow each segment below and enter the data. You can always delete the entries when you are finished.

Before you go to the range you should enter the weapons you will be firing and enter the ammunition you will be using.

Entering a Weapon

Go to this tutorial for the specific details for entering a weapon.

Entering Ammunition

Go to this tutorial for the specific details for entering ammunition.

Entering a Firing Session and Firing Set

Go to this tutorial for the specific details for entering a firing session and related firing sets.

Pass Code

Go to the settings of your iOS device. There will be a list of your applications. Find Gun Log +P.

Features and Feature Requests

There has been much effort given to describing what Gun Log +P does on the App Store and in this blog. It is not feasible to list everything that the app does and does not do and there is no agenda to hide any aspect of the app.

Please email any feature requests or enhancements that you may have. If the feature fits with the existing architecture it stands a better chance of being added.

Using the App Store review process to request features does not allow for the gathering of details and requirements. Apple does not share any information of the purchaser and therefore there is no way to contact a reviewer for details or further information. Please email your requests.

Ratings and Reviews

Please write a review for Gun Log +P. Apple does not give me any customer information so if you want to make a feature request please email the request instead of putting it in the review. If the feature request is in the review I can not contact you to ask for clarification.


Thank you for using Gun Log +P. I hope these tutorials and blog posts are useful.

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