Sunday, February 5, 2012

Entering Ammunition Data into Gun Log +P

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Gun Log +P (GL+P) stores many details of ammunition.

You can use an ammunition entry in two different ways. The ways are "bulk" and "batch" so to speak.

I typically buy range ammo in bulk. I do not want to make an entry for every box of 9mm FMJ that I have. I will make one entry and then add to the round count. Yes, I have to do math in my head to do this.

For target, hunting, or hand loaded ammunition I want to track it by each batch or box.

To navigate to the "Ammo" list just tap the "Ammo" button in the bottom tab bar.

To create a new entry just tap the "+" button located in the top button bar on the right.

Notice that some fields have buttons to their left. These buttons bring up "Pickers" so that you don't have to type in the details. If the picker doesn't have the information you need you can always tap the field and enter the data.

Tap the "Make" button. In the picker you can flip the view to scroll around. If the ammunition make is listed you can double tap the entry or tap the entry and then tap the "Done" button. Otherwise you can tap the "Cancel" button.

Notice that the value from the picker has been placed in the field. You can still edit the field if you like.

Now tap the "Caliber" button.

The "Caliber" picker looks like this. The calibers are grouped so scroll around and get familiar with the layout.

After you select a caliber you can tap the "Type" button to select the bullet type. Here is the bullet type picker.

So far we have entered make, caliber, and type without having to do any typing.

If you want to use the "Ballistic Drop Table" to estimate the external ballistics then you need to enter values for "Ballistic Coefficient" and "Muzzle Velocity". Typically this data is found on the ammunition's box or manufacturers web site.

When you have finished just tap the "Ammo" button at the top left to navigate back to the main ammo list, or double tap the "Ammo" button in the bottom tab bar.

This concludes the tutorial.

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