Sunday, February 5, 2012

Backing up your data for Gun Log +P, Gun Log SPC, and Gun Log

(If you have having issues contact me through the support email. iTunes App Store does not give me any customer information and I can not use the ranking area as a blog.)

If you are using iCloud to keep the data in sync with multiple devices realize that you should backup your data but should not restore the backup unless iCloud data has been deleted or lost.

Do not take a Gun Log +P backup and try to save/restore it to Gun Log or Gun Log SPC, the iCloud data from Gun Log +P will cause a "save error" message to be displayed unless you are running 5.9 or higher.

These steps are the same for all of the Gun Log Apps.

You need a desktop computer and iTunes.

Step one. Connect iOS device to computer using the USB cable and open iTunes.

Step two. Select you iOS device in the left panel of iTunes. (The left panel is called the Sidebar. If you do not see the Sidebar go to the View menu and "Show Sidebar".)

Step three. Select "Apps". "Apps" is near the top middle.

Step four. Select "Gun Log +P". It is listed under "File Sharing" and below "File Sharing" is "Apps".

Step five. Select "Shooting_Buddy.sqlite" or "Shooting_Buddy_iCloud.sqlite".

Step six. Drag the sqlite file to your desktop or some similar location.

If you are using Gun Log SPC or Gun Log you can take the back up and transfer it to another device. Just hook up the device to your computer and in iTunes File Sharing just drag "Shooting_Buddy.sqlite" to the app's documents. It's just that simple.


  1. Not too sure how to do this on my mac with the newest itunes version. The itunes doesnt appear to look the same as the one mentioned here and I can't seem to find the .sql file to copy...still messing around with it during my breaks at work though to see if I can find the file.

    1. Did you follow all of the steps, specifically everything described in Step 2?

  2. With the new itunes, there's no app section. If you click on the device (little iphone icon) near the upper left corner, you can get to file sharing on the left.