Monday, January 30, 2012

Nearing completion...

Gun Log +P is nearing completion.

I have successfully tested iCloud updates. There will be a few steps in getting things setup correctly if you are a Gun Log user. Yes, Gun Log users will be able to transfer their data to Gun Log +P. This will be done through iTunes and your interaction with iTunes file sharing.

Gun Log +P will meet most of the feature requests made on Gun Log that could not be met because of the desire to satisfy early adopters of Gun Log and their desire to keep the data only on the device.

I have made a test version which I validated with Apple today. I will test the version until I am satisfied that all features have been exercised thoroughly. The testing requirements have increased because I now have to test with the device online and offline and with two devices simultaneously to verify iCloud functionality.

Gun Log +P is for iOS 5 only. It supports iCloud, email, and printing.

There are specific views for iPad and iPhone. The iPad views take better advantage of the available screen size. The iPhone views are very similar and sometimes identical to the iPhone views of Gun Log.

Many of the table views have sorting and filtering abilities as well.

After I test the app and submit it to Apple for final review I will prepare some tutorials on how to transfer your data from Gun Log and have those ready before the app releases.

I will then release Gun Log +P for a reduced price so that current Gun Log users have an opportunity to buy Gun Log +P. After a few days I will then increase the price for Gun Log +P.

So, all of you Gun Log users out there, you should watch this blog and the Gun Log Facebook page for the announcement and get Gun Log +P before the price is increased.

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