Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Gun Log +P iPhone Screen Shots - Progress

Following is the Weapons area and sub views and detail views. Notice the reports that are generated. Reports are text based. You can copy and paste, email, or print the report.

Please take time to review the reports and make recommendations now. The progress of Gun Log +P is moving rapidly now that I have all of the key components in place.

Here is the Weapon report.

Here is the maintenance history for the weapon. Notice the report button.

Here is a report of "all" of the maintenance history entries.

Here is the weapon configurations list.

Here is a weapon configuration report.

Here is the ammo list. You can do a report for the entire list.

Here is an example report of an ammo entry.

Firing sessions is where you are using the firearm. Here is the list of firing sessions. You can print a report of each session location and date. Not extremely useful, but to be complete I added it to Gun Log +P.

The firing sets is where the details are stored. Here is a list of firing sets for a particular session. You can print a report of every entry in the set.

Here is the report of every entry in the set.

If you open a specific firing set you can print a detailed report.

Here is a detailed report for a firing set.

Failures can be reported as well.

The entire list of failures can be reported.

You can also open a the failure details and generate a report.

Just like all of the main views you can generate text reports on your accessories as well.

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