Monday, January 16, 2012

The Evolution of Gun Log +P

I am going to document the evolution and development of Gun Log +P.

Today is my first day working on the new project. I am writing this from scratch for iOS 5. Gun Log +P will have views specific for iPad and iPhone. The iPad views will have more details and features.

Users of Gun Log should participate and make comments as Gun Log +P is developed.

Here are some screen shots of today's progress showing reporting abilities, for printing and emails.

Weapons List sorted by Make

Weapons List sorted by Caliber

Tapped Report button at top right side near the + button

Tapped Compose button for Email


  1. Nice! Will this be an upgrade to the current app or will it be a whole new app?

  2. It will be a "whole new app". When I designed Gun Log many users were concerned about data security and I agreed to make the app have no export abilities, nor use any technology such as the location manager, email, push notifications, etc. Therefore I have to make a new app.