Saturday, January 12, 2013

Off the App Store

Note: (Posted March 17, 2013)
Gun Log SPC and Gun Log will be "on sale" for a brief period of time in March 2013. This is done to allow those that wish to switch from Gun Log +P.  Gun Log +P is on hold indefinitely pending improvements in iCloud technology and it is possible that GL+P will be dropped from development. I am still able to reproduce the problems with iCloud and currently there is still no solution recommended by Apple.
Note: (Posted February 26, 2013)
Gun Log SPC and Gun Log will be "on sale" from February 26, 2013 to February 28, 2013. This is done to allow those that wish to switch from Gun Log +P.  Gun Log +P is on hold indefinitely pending improvements in iCloud technology and it is possible that GL+P will be dropped from development.

Note: (Posted January 31, 2013)
The Gun Log SPC offer has expired on 1/31/2013.

Note: (Posted January 21, 2013)
At the end of December Apple's iCloud servers were down. The outage caused users to lose data. The Dev forum has many developers that posted with the exact same issue. I spent my entire vacation helping users and taking the heat for something out of my control. I take everything I do serious and wouldn't take advantage of a soul.

I may not go back to iCloud. If +P users want to switch to SPC, email me. This offer is only good through January 31, 2013. Don't miss this dead line. (Posted January 21, 2013)

Deleted Gun Log +P and Can't Find It?

If you deleted Gun Log +P and you need to re-install it you will find the app in the App Store under "Purchased".

Transferring your data to Gun Log SPC

Gun Log SPC does not use iCloud or any automatic synching technology. Synching is done manually through iTunes while your device is connected to a computer.

To transfer your Gun Log +P (GL+P) data to Gun Log SPC (GL-SPC) you need to connect the device to iTunes.

Description of iTunes File Sharing

  1. Select GL+P in the Apps under File Sharing.
  2. Select the database that you are using under Gun Log +P Documents.
    1. If you are using iCloud then the database is Shooting_Buddy_iCloud.sqlite
    2. If you turned off iCloud then the database is Shooting_Buddy.sqlite
    3. If you don't know, choose the largest or the latest, it is up to you, you can redo this step if needed.
  3.  Drag the database to your computer.
  4. Rename the database to Shooting_Buddy.sqlite
  5. Select Gun Log SPC in the Apps under File Sharing in iTunes.
  6. Drag database from your computer onto iTunes where it says Gun Log SPC Documents.
  7. Sync (Button on bottom right)
  8. Launch Gun Log SPC and let me know how it went.

Technical Details of the iCloud Issues

Here are some links and descriptions of the issues with iCloud at this time.

What this means is that Core Data's internals failed to connect to iCloud in some obscure and undocumented way. There's no recovery path or fix-- you just get to try again later. Those errors don't come from Magical Record or your code, they're an internal Core Data / iCloud failure.
Here's the thing: This does not mean you did something wrong. And the corollary of that is, there is nothing you can do to fix it.

This appears to be a known issue with iCloud right now. It's been working intermittently for my app using CoreData and iCloud. Lots of Error Domain=NSCocoaErrorDomain Code=512 "The file upload timed out." It may have absolutely nothing to do with your app and more to do with the iCloud servers. I've been following a thread on the developer forums that point it to being errors on Apple's side. (At least for problems since Dec 30/31)

If you've read all the blogs and comments around the interwebs, all cocoa developers have had significant difficulty getting iCloud to work with core data. It just isn't ready for prime time. The rest of the iCloud Apis work, just be aware that core data and iCloud are going to not work at some point.

"For the past 4 days I have been getting this Code=512 "The file upload timed out" for ios 6.n. Interestingly enough the same code using ios5.1 seems to be OK!"

If you are an Apple Developer you can see these posts on the iOS Developer Forums:


  1. Thank you so much for the hard work on this app, It is sad that there is not support for these features in iCloud. Is there a possibility of any further development in the direction of having a shared database across devices maybe with existing Dropbox or WebDAV? I know I would enjoy using the app across tablets and mobile devices, it would be great if I could choose a custom location, like a private WebDAV server account, so I know where my data is and enjoy the benefits of "The Cloud" at the same time.

  2. DropBox does not do a merge of your data, it is a complete "copy and replace" approach. I have not looked at WebDAV. You can manually transfer the Gun Log or Gun Log SPC database by connecting to a computer and through iTunes file share.

    The iCloud experience nearly "sank" the entire project. I spent two months, that's 1/6th of a year doing nothing but trying to fix iCloud issues and respond to customers. Users did not believe me when I said there was nothing I could do. Their one star reviews affected Gun Log and Gun Log SPC just as much as Gun Log +P. It was just about to the point I was going to pull all of the apps from the store and not renew the developers license. The app's have never paid for their development costs. I made Gun Log because I wanted a way to track failures and it grew into what you see today. Gun Log and Gun Log SPC are both on sale for $1.99 right now, so if you use Gun Log +P it would be a good time to switch and copy your GL+P database over to the new app so you don't have to re-enter data.

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